Pakistan Vs New Zealand 3rd T-20 Highlights

Pakistan Vs New Zealand 3rd T-20 Match was played at Mount Maunganui . Pakistan has given target of 182 Runs in 20 years . New Zealand need to chase 182 Runs to win that match .  Today's T-20 was the 3rd and Final T-20 match winner of that match will win the series . Watch Online PaK Vs NZ 3rd T-20 match highlights Youtube on PTV Sports official channel. 1st Innings of Pakistan and 2nd Innings of NewZealand.

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Hanif Abbas Leaving PML(N) and apologize Imran Khan

Hanif Abbasi Want To Apologize Imran Khan Over Character Assassination

As the Hanif Abbasi was not so much successful in bringing public from his constituency in favor of Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Rally from Islamabad to Lahore . Mohammad Nawaz Sharif shown his concerns over his poor work and not happy with the performance of Hanif Abbasi. Hanif Abbasi has left Jamat-e-Islami and joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) before General Elections of 2013. He also got the party ticket but lost this seat as Imran Khan succeeded from this constituency . 

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Momina makes surprise appearance on flight to sing patriotic songs watch video

Momina Mustahsen surprised every one when she sung the songs in board Pakistan International PIA flight PK 380 from Karachi to Islamabad  . She sung the song Dil Dil Pakistan in plane on the occasion of 70th Independence Day celebrations. This was a historic day not only in the history of Pakistan but whole World when some one's country Independence Day celebrated in the skies and motivated the passengers to participate in this event. Momina accompanies with musician Haroon and Sharoon set the plan in motion and commenced the jamming.

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ISPR released New Song on 14th August 2017 independence day '' Ae Watan Tera Bhala ho''

ISPR has released the new Milli Naghma '' Ae Watan Tera Bhala ho'' on the occasion of 70th Independence day celebrations. Watch full video of new ISPR song Aey Watan Tera Bhala Ho on the occasion of 14th August 2017. Each year Inter Service Public Relations releases new songs and Milli Naghmas . On 70th Independence Day of Pakistan ISPR released new Milli Naghma . 

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Neha Dhupia met with accident on her way to Airport in Chandrigarh

Neha Dhupia Met With Accident, Fans Take Selfie watch video

Famous Bollywood Actress  Neha Dhupia Car met  met with accident. The behavior of people who helped her to bring out from car engaged in taking selfies instead of taking her to the near by hospital. Neha Duphia is the famous bollywood actress and was going to airport when she suddenly met with accident . She was in Chandrigarh at this time .A car from behind rammed into hers. She does not got any serious injury but her shoulder got minor injuries. Watch video how people were busy in taking selfies with Neha Dhupia when she was suffering from injuries on her should .

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PMLN Supporters Harassing Women In Jalsa at Lahore

PMLN succeeded to bring the large crowd on streets of Lahore. From every corner to other corner we can see the people who gathered near Data Darbar for supporting their leadership. No doubt It was one of the largest Jalsa in the history of Lahore organized by any political party. Unfortunate events are occurring in the Rallies or Jalsa in all political parties. We have seen in Past whenever a Jalsa organized by PTI we have seen harassing women by the unknown men. Same happened today in PML(N) near Marriot Hotel.  

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PML N Rally reached Lahore

Aerial View Of Workers In PMLN Rally Lahore

PML (N) Rally reached almost near to Lahore. The number show as the leaders of PML (N) were claiming does not looks satisfactory from the Aerial View of Rally. As they said earlier this morning that Every where near the Toll Plaza there will be no place for the workers to stand but we can see that this space was looking blank. However Rally is on the way there are more chances People from Multan and other adjoining areas may reach when the program will start. 

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Katrina Kaif Home Inside Video

Katrina Kaif is the Bollywood Famous actress she got much fame from every movie in which she performed especially Dhoom 2. Every one is anxious to know  more about Katrina Kaif especially about her personal life . Katrina Kaif a big name in bollywood industry passes a luxurious life. Off course Katrina life is different as compared to common woman. She has busy life from morning to night. She also uses luxury cars . She takes care of her whole body and face by fissles , pedicure, menicure , Body massage with different perfumed creams. Whenever she needs to travel abroad she might booked a charted plane instead of traveling in Economy class or business class.

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