Safety Measures for protecting your computer from Wanna cry and Wana Decrypt-or Ransom-ware


On May 12, 2017 thousands of Computer System affected by Wanna Cry and Wana Decrypt-or program . Majority of them  lost the access to their important data including files, pictures, videos, applications and databases . There was no option other than purchasing Bit-coins and paying them . National Health Services were affected specially in United Kingdom due to non availability of the system , which majority of surgeries schedule were disturbed and many ambulance were diverted.

How Wanna Cry and Wana Decryptor Spread?

Wana Decrypt-or spread via a small program received through emails once it is installed after downloading from the email it will quickly encrypts all of your files, folder and databases . After encryption of file and folders you will loose access to all of your personal files .

Which Operating System are Affected by Wanna Decrypt-or?

Windows X, Windows Vista and Windows 8 and Windows Server 2013 were affected by this ransom-ware program.  Only those users are affected by this program who had not updated their windows from a long time. If your windows automatic updates were already turned on and new security update was installed on your windows then there is no need to worry that your system will be affected by Wanna Decrypt-or because Microsoft on its ends has already taken precautionary measures from these kinds of unknown programs especially ransom-ware.  

Safety Measures for protecting from Wanna Cry and Wanna Decrypt-or

1. Keep your windows up to date . If you have not updated your windows yet , Please update your windows files to prevent your computers from such type of programs.

2. Install reliable and updated Anti Virus Program which will automatically stop such type of installation .

3. Never open the emails of those contacts to which you don't know . Even if you have opened the email but never download any programs which have extension of zip files or executable files because there are greater chances that these files might be infected. 

4. Always scan the files received via email anti virus program before downloading the file. Because if the file is infected with some type of Anti-virus program will inform whether file is safe to download or not.

5. Even if you have downloaded the file , for reconfirmation scan the file again with your computer Anti Virus Program .

6. Always generate updates of all your files and folder on daily basis , if you can't do this, create back up after 7 days and store it on a disk or flash drive .

If your Computer is infected with Wanna Decrypt-or 2.0 then what to Do?

1. If you have backed up of all your files and folder Go To Step 1. Other wise Choose Option 2

Option 1.

If you have backed up of all your files and folder then there is no need to worry . Just install the fresh copy of Windows on your computer.  Remember after installation immediately update all windows files with security patches released by Microsoft. If you have turned off the automatic updates then there are more chances that your computer might be infected again.

Option 2 .

If you don't have back up , You need to install anti virus program which is available free of cost. Simply type in Google search  . You will be taken to that program . Install it on Your system . Run the scan , it will automatically find all infected files and will remove them immediately.