Redmi 4X  by Xiaomi Smart Phone Launched in Pakistan

Redmi 4X Smart Phone Officially launched in Pakistan by Xiaomi

Redmi 4x smart phone was launched yesterday in Pakistan in a ceremony held at Lahore hotel. This event was arranged by Xiamoi in Ava Garden Faletti's hotel Lahore. Redmi 4x is the latest smart phone announced some months ago World wide . Today it was launched in Pakistan . Along with this smart phone release a music program was also arranged in which well known singers  and chief guest was Mira Set-hi daughter of Najam Sethi who presented this phone in front of media. This phone was already launched in different countries of World Including India , Bangladesh and Europe . Redmi Phones are although new but its popularity is increasing day by day in Asian Countries due to its low price and reliability.

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Safety Measure for protecting computer from WannaCry

Safety Measures for protecting your computer from Wanna cry and Wana Decrypt-or Ransom-ware

On May 12, 2017 thousands of Computer System affected by Wanna Cry and Wana Decrypt-or program . Majority of them  lost the access to their important data including files, pictures, videos, applications and databases . There was no option other than purchasing Bit-coins and paying them . National Health Services were affected specially in United Kingdom due to non availability of the system , which majority of surgeries schedule were disturbed and many ambulance were diverted.

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What is Wanna Cry

What is Wanna Decrypt-or? How it Lead to affecting more than 57000 computers and about 100 countries World Wide

Wanna Decrypt-or has affected more than 57000 computers in 100 countries  by this massive ransom-ware  attempt . Suddenly the users  started getting a message on the the locked screen about encryptions of their all files  including documents, files, pictures, softwares and videos. This message also conveys that don't work hard to decrypt all these items because it is impossible  to reopen these files without their decryption program i.e Wanna Decrypt-or. At the bottom there is a link for payment via Bit-coin and asking for paying via the link given there. At the left side of this dialog box timer stop watch is going in reverse .If any one failed to pay the requested amount then the amount will be doubled after five days . Wanna cry is the top trending post on twitter since 12th May 2017.

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Wanna Cry Ransom-ware , guidelines to stay safe from Wanna Decrypt-or

Wanna Cry is halted till now, there is no updates regarding any other system infected with this program. If you have not updated your windows please update it as soon as possible . Microsoft  releases updates of different nature which are also of security patches to ensure your computer system safe and reliable . It is observed that most people are being tired of getting alerts regarding windows updates so they turn off the automatic windows update due to which they can face many problems such as virus and other attacks.

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