Salary Incrase and Revised Pay Scale in the Budget 2018-19?


Islamabad (Web Desk )Finally the Government has announced 10% increase in Basic Pay of Government Employees and 10% increase in the pension of retired Government employees. As per budget speech Government also increased House Rent Allowance @ 50% of Government Employees according tot the running HRA of 2008 Check out House Rent Allowance Chart here. Second important thing to noted that @Rs 500 Rupees medical allowance also increased . Before the General Election present Government get a chance to present the new budget of 2018-19. If the present government of PML(N) succeed in presenting the budget for the Financial Year 2018-19 there are more chances of benefits for the Government employees. Government is working on different options to facilitate the government employees by increasing their salaries .

Salary Increase in the Budgtet 2018-19

Government is going to announce 10% to 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018 on running basic in the current budget 2018 . 50% Adhoc Relief allowance was already merged in the basic pay so scales from Grade 1 to 22 in previous year budget .Sources from Finance division informed that Government is not going to revise Basic pay scale from Grade 1 to 21 in the Budget 2018-19. Although Government want to facilitate Government employees of Federal capital and all provinces by increasing house Rent allowance and Medical Allowance as the House Rent Allowance was frozen according to the 2008 Basic Pay Scales will be merged permanently in the Basic Pay due to which all the grades officers and officials , teachers , nurses , doctors and all category employees will take benefit from this revision. So chances are very less Government will also revised pays scales this year too. . Check Previous year Revised Pay Scale Chart below.

Pay Scale Revised Chart 2017-18 according to Budget New Pay scales of Previous Years

Revised Pay Scale Chart Budget 2017-18

Download Revised Pay Scale Chart will all stages

Revised Pay Scale Chart proposed in Budget 2017-18 Pakistaan

Government is working on different options for facilitating her employees from every aspect such as enhancement of house rent and house requisition ceiling , medical allowance, conveyance allowance, computer allowance etc.  Adhoc relief allowance 10 to 15 % salary increase on basic pay is expected. Expected Salary increase in the federal budget 2018-19 will be finalized after the cabinet meeting which will held before budget today on 27th April 2018 . In the federal Budget 2017-18 government has also revised the Pay Scales previously which benefited all the employees especially newly recruited personnels and the pensioners. Pensions enhancement in the current budget 2018-19 is expected 15 to 20% . Check here complete Pay Scale Revised Chart 2017-18.

Latest Information regarding the salary increase are appearing on social media and electronic media. There are rumors too. Check out the salary Revised Pay Scale Charts here.

Government Employees Associations and Unions especially All Pakistan Clerks Association has already started agitation to build pressure on Government for the salary increase in current budget . Important thing to note here is that it will be the last budget of present government , so people are expecting higher from the Government. Let see what will happen in reality .

Expected Salary increase in budget 2018-19 is 10 to 15% but it is not confirmed yet. Once the federal government decide regarding salary increase , provincial governments of Punjab , Balochistan , KPK and Sindh will replicate the same increases in their budget . Similarly, funds amounting to Rs 275 billion with Rs 30 Billion increase are likely to be allocated against pension of government employees in the budget for the next financial year 2018-19, sources added.

This chart will help you to fix your estimated pay. This Revised Pay Scale Chart 201-18  will surely help to estimate the expected revised pay of the employees after increase in house rent and house requisition ceiling of Punjab employees. This chart is based on the speech of budget. It may be clarified that Federal Government and all provincial government work on the same footings especially for the benefits of employees . There is only difference in allowances but all other allowances remain same.

Above mentioned charts contain stages or time of service in Government . You can check your increase accordingly and annual increment via this chart . Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Finance Minister Miftah Ismail had assured that they will give good information to government employees regarding salary increase in their speeches . Not only this thousands of new jobs will also be created this year for the young generation of Pakistan.