Election Commission of Pakistan decided to use Google Maps for guiding voters in Election 2018


Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to use Google Maps for guiding voters regarding their polling station . In past it was observed that voters feel difficulty in finding their polling stations and some of them return to their home with out casting their votes. In a meeting held at Election Commission of Pakistan Under the chairmanship of Sardar Muhammad Raza on 13th May 2017 Sunday . it was decided that ECP will facilitate voters in finding their polling stations via the Google map in  General Elections 2018.


How Google Map will be Used for pointing out polling Stations for the voters

Each Polling Station will be located on the Google Map along with total distance calculated from the home to Polling Station. In all the four provinces Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Sindh , Balochistan, Fata  total 70000 polling stations will be linked on Google Maps through out Pakistan. With Google Map application in all major cities Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawer , Quetta voters can find their desire polling station and calculated distance along with time taken to reach at that station will also be displayed on the Google Map. 

Members of all provinces were also present in the meeting including Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Babar Fatah and other senior officers in which it was unanimously decided that all the basic facilities availability such as clean drinking water, waiting areas and electricity availability will be ensured in the Upcoming Election 2018. 

Google Maps and Voters Guidance in Past

In past Google has helped out many countries voters for finding their desired polling stations. In United States of America voters had used Google to find out the place where to register your vote or find desired Election Commission office for registration of voters. 

Government of Pakistan intends to facilitate its citizen by using Information Technology. In recent past Government has introduced Graphical Information System (GIS)  and Land Record Management System in revenue department Punjab. Along with this project Government has established the network of mobile phones and highway which is providing communication facility in rural areas. Introduction of 3G and 4G technology is another positive step towards good governance . 

Google Maps still providing all the locations including schools and colleges which are usually selected as Polling Stations but they are not marked as registered Election Commission Polling Station , it is a cumbersome task to mark each polling station on Google Map. So Government has decided to link only 70000 polling stations situated in major cities of Pakistan. It is the first time in history of Pakistan voters via Google Map can find their registered polling stations via Google Map App on their mobile phones and personal computers. Each Polling station will be marked with polling station number , you have to enter the number or name of polling station , system will automatically calcualte the total time taken and total distance and all other alternate ways will be displayed. Due to which voters will save a lot of time.