Revised Pay Scale Chart for all Government employees in the Budget 2017-18


Finally Ishaq Dar has announced the 10% increase in salary and informed about merging of 50% Adhoc Relief Allowance in the Basic Pay . So Basic Pay scales will be automatically revised. You can check the Revised Pay Scale chart for they year 2017-18 below. Government from time to time revises Basic Pay Scales of Government Employees for their benefit. All the Governments consider many options for revising the pay of employees. In the previous budget 2016-17 government has revised Basic Pays Scale from Grade 1 to Grade 21 after merging the ad-hoc relief allowance from 2012-15 but the major salary increase of 50% ad hoc relief allowance of 2010 was not included in that revised scales.  Although it has benefited all employees but special relief was given to those employees who were going to retire from government service after June 2016. The newly recruited employees had also taken benefit from this . Check out the revised pay scale chart of 2016-17 below.

Revised Pay Scale Chart for the year 2017-18 

Here is the revised Pay scale Chart according to new budget announcement by the Ishaq Dar after merging of ADhoc Relief Allowance of 2010 that was 50%

Revised Pay Scale Chart Budget 2017-18

Download Revised Pay Scale Chart 2017-18 all stages

Revised Pay Scale Chart for Government Employees announced in Budget 2017-18 today 26th May 17


Revised Pay Scale Chart for the year 2016-17

Revised Pay Scale Chart in Federal Budget

Above mentioned chart is the revised pay scale chart taken from Finance Department , Government of Pakistan and is only authentic document which shows previous basic pay of 2015 and revised basic pay scales 2016 from Grade 1- Grade 22 employees . 

Revised Pay Scale Chart from B-1 to B-22 in the Budget 2017-18 Pakistan

Sources from Finance Division Government of Pakistan has informed us that government is working on different options regarding enhancement of salary for all civil servants . First option is to merge 50% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance of 2010 in the basic pay and increase 10% to 15% salary on that revised Basic Pay. Further more there are also other options of increasing house rent, house requisition, , computer allowance , conveyance allowance , health professional allowance , Risk allowance etc. 

Don't focus on rumors on social media because they are posting their own with out confirmation from the Finance Division . 

Each Government in its last budget tries its best to give maximum benefit to their employees , In shah Allah  same will happen there . Present  Government will announce good  regarding the salary increase of Government Employees and pensioners. It is expected that scale will be revised after merging 50% Ad hoc Relief Allowance in the announcement of budget 2017-18 . You will find charts of revised pay scale of the budget 2017-18 but they are not authenticated , authentic chart will only be available after the announcement of budget by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. It is expected that budget will be announced by the end of May and there will be many good updates regarding increase in salaries and revision of pay scales.  . Cabinet will approved the budget before its announcement and finally it will be approved by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 

After the announcement of Federal Government Budget , Provinces will replicate the same revision and increases in Pays. Although Government has also decided to create thousands of new job in the budget 2017-18 Pakistan which will ultimately benefit the youngsters. Government is also going to permanent those employees who were working on daily basis or ad hoc basis.