PIA Plane Crash Footage


PIA Plane 8303 took off from the Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore at 1:00 PM and reached  Jinnah International Karachi Airport but just before landing crashed. Watch footage of PIA Plane Crash at Karachi online. This video footage of PIA 8303 captured by the nearby CCTV cameras which clearly shows that plane was just landing but the altitude was lower so there are chances it might have a strike with the building and in the result it crashed. Download PIA Plance Crash Footage.

There were 91 passengers onboard on the ill fate plane PK3803 and 8 crew members including pilots and flight attendants. A top-level official of Punjab Government Khalid Sherdil has been reported martyred in this incident.  As per media reports there were three survivors one of them is the president of the Bank of Punjab namely Zafar Masood. There are two CCTV footage shared by the people residing near the Jinnah International Air Port, in one video of the PIA plane crash it can be seen that plane is inclining towards the ground and suddenly smoke appears from the place where it has fallen. You can listen to the conversation between the pilot and Air traffic controller ATC in which the pilot was giving a mayday call but no response received after this call from the pilot. As per CEO PIA, there might be a technical fault in the plane which resulted in the crash. A list of 91 Passengers has been shared by the Pakistan International Airlines who were on board on this ill-fated plane. Download complete PIA Plane Crash footage.