Salary increase Chart 2019 for Government Employees in Pakistan


Federal Government has announced the Federal Budget 2019-20 and salaries of the Government employees also increased . This time Government has increased the salaries of Government employees with different criteria .

Salaries Increase Chart 2019 for Government Employees

Detail of the salaries alongwith salaries increase chart in the Budget 2019-20 is as under:-

S.No BPS Grade wise Percentage of Increase
1 1-16 10%
2 17-20 5%
3 21 and 22 0%

 In the Budget 2019-20 Government has increase 10% salary for Grade 1 to 16 on running basic as per Basic Pay Scale 2017 and named it 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019. From Grade 17 to 20 there is 5% increase in salaries and no increase in salaries from Grade 21 and 22.

Government also increased 10% in the pension of Government Retired Employees.

Alongwith increase in salaries Government has also increased income tax from 5 to 35% for those who are getting more than 600000 salaries . Private Secretaries salaries increased to 25%

Salaries Increase Chart Budget 2019-20 for Government Employees