CSS 2016 Positions Holder Maleeha, Qurat ul Ain, Maria pictures

Meet Maleeha IESAR, Qurat-ul-Ain and Maria Javed the Talented Girls of Pakistan CSS 2016 Position Holders

Federal Public Service Commission has announced the result of CSS 2016 on 8th May 2016. What was new in that result? All the top three positions are taken by girls in CSS 2016. After conducting Interviews and Psychological Test across Pakistan. CSS 2016 Final result announced by the FPSC. Top three Positions First, Second and Third positions are taken by Maleeha Iesar , Qurat ul Ain Zafar and Mariya Javed respectively.

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Safety Measure for protecting computer from WannaCry

Safety Measures for protecting your computer from Wanna cry and Wana Decrypt-or Ransom-ware

On May 12, 2017 thousands of Computer System affected by Wanna Cry and Wana Decrypt-or program . Majority of them  lost the access to their important data including files, pictures, videos, applications and databases . There was no option other than purchasing Bit-coins and paying them . National Health Services were affected specially in United Kingdom due to non availability of the system , which majority of surgeries schedule were disturbed and many ambulance were diverted.

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Maleeha Iesar CSS Topper 2016 pictures


Federal Public Service Commission has announced the CSS 2016 Final result after conducting interviews and Psychological Exam. Its first time in history of Pakistan top 3 positions taken by girls. This year Maleeha Iesar is the CSS topper of 2016 . She delivered her motivational speech at CSS educational academy lahore yesterday . In her speech she has given credit of success to her daddy, parents, sisters, brothers, mentors  and teachers of that academy who had motived her in CSS exam preparation . Watch the video Maleeha Iesar motivational speech and interview of CSS Topper 2016. 

Educational Background of Maleeha Iesar CSS Topper 2016. 

Maleeha Iesar is a electrical engineer from National University of  Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad . She is also expert in programming and also writes for blogs. She  belong to engineering background but she had topped Civil Superior Services (CSS) Exam of Pakistan .  

Maleeha Iesar DMC

Detail of Marks She obtained in Compulsory and optional subjects is a under

Maleeha Iesar DMC

Maleeha Iesar CSS Topper 2016 what said in her motivational speech in educational academy.

Maleeha Iesar said that she was not aware of many subjects when she started her preparation, even she don't know which country is situated in the east, West, North and South of Pakistan. She had never seen the  map of Pakistan in her 22 years age but her hardwork and teachers guidance make it possible for her to get first position in CSS in whole Pakistan. She was so much excited and looking happy while delivering her speech at the education academy.  She said that had learn Pakistan Affaris, Current Affairs , International Relations from the educational academy she even don't know the ABC of above mentioned subjects.  She remembered her two teacher is her speech . Her speech were so much motivational that she was attracted by many people and her video become viral on social media. She told about her English teacher Mureed Hussain and Sir Asmat Ullah Junejo who taught her Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, International Relations and criminology. When she entered in the academy for preparation. A map was placed in front of her  . She further said you have to work hard , you have to work smart. CSS exam is the only hard work. She further criticized those people who have lost originality and are wasting time on Internet. She said that only to become the Assistant Commissioner is not the matter. Main thing is to bring the change in the system. Gathering 50 thousands people can't bring change in the system. She said that try to understand the inner human being . A person who had understand him she will ultimately know the Almighty Allah. Any one has thought that she is following his/her dream she is going on the right direction. She said that actually in Pakistan there is lack of guidance. We are surrounded by negativity . She has secured 113 marks in Physics . She asked that don't run your life on some one dictation , run your life according to your will and become positive in your life. Any thing can't be achieved without hard work. She further elaborated when you will try do some thing every body will discourage you, but don't listen to them  . She said that she is alike other human beings . Eat ,sleep and pass daily life as others do. When there is a will then there is a way. 

Maleeha Iesar Subjects Selection and Detail Marks Sheet

Maleeha Iesar has opted optional subject Physics, Criminology , International Relations and  History of USA . She had secured 112 Marks in Physics out of 200. Other compulsory subject English Essay, English Composition, Every Day Science, Pakistani Affairs, Current Affairs and Islamiat.

What is Wanna Cry

What is Wanna Decrypt-or? How it Lead to affecting more than 57000 computers and about 100 countries World Wide

Wanna Decrypt-or has affected more than 57000 computers in 100 countries  by this massive ransom-ware  attempt . Suddenly the users  started getting a message on the the locked screen about encryptions of their all files  including documents, files, pictures, softwares and videos. This message also conveys that don't work hard to decrypt all these items because it is impossible  to reopen these files without their decryption program i.e Wanna Decrypt-or. At the bottom there is a link for payment via Bit-coin and asking for paying via the link given there. At the left side of this dialog box timer stop watch is going in reverse .If any one failed to pay the requested amount then the amount will be doubled after five days . Wanna cry is the top trending post on twitter since 12th May 2017.

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Baluchistan Public Service Commission BPSC has announced the PCS Written Part result today

Today Baluchistan Public Service Commission has announced the PCS result for the posts of  Section Officers  (SO) and Assistant Commissioners (AC) of written part . Total 254 candidates qualified written examination for both posts . More than 7500 candidates were appeared in the written part of PCS . Examination was conducted in the month of November and December started on 19th November 2016 and ended on 9th December 2016. Newly appointed chairman tried his best to conduct the exam in a well organized way. In a press release issue by Baluchistan Public Service Commission Secretary announced the candidates along with parentage  who has passed written part and qualified for viva (Interview). 

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Wanna Cry Ransom-ware , guidelines to stay safe from Wanna Decrypt-or

Wanna Cry is halted till now, there is no updates regarding any other system infected with this program. If you have not updated your windows please update it as soon as possible . Microsoft  releases updates of different nature which are also of security patches to ensure your computer system safe and reliable . It is observed that most people are being tired of getting alerts regarding windows updates so they turn off the automatic windows update due to which they can face many problems such as virus and other attacks.

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Google Maps will be used for pointing polling stations in Election 2018

Election Commission of Pakistan decided to use Google Maps for guiding voters in Election 2018

Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to use Google Maps for guiding voters regarding their polling station . In past it was observed that voters feel difficulty in finding their polling stations and some of them return to their home with out casting their votes. In a meeting held at Election Commission of Pakistan Under the chairmanship of Sardar Muhammad Raza on 13th May 2017 Sunday . it was decided that ECP will facilitate voters in finding their polling stations via the Google map in  General Elections 2018.

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Pay Scale Revised Budget 2017-18 Pakistan Government Emp

Revised Pay Scale Chart for all Government employees in the Budget 2017-18

Finally Ishaq Dar has announced the 10% increase in salary and informed about merging of 50% Adhoc Relief Allowance in the Basic Pay . So Basic Pay scales will be automatically revised. You can check the Revised Pay Scale chart for they year 2017-18 below. Government from time to time revises Basic Pay Scales of Government Employees for their benefit. All the Governments consider many options for revising the pay of employees. In the previous budget 2016-17 government has revised Basic Pays Scale from Grade 1 to Grade 21 after merging the ad-hoc relief allowance from 2012-15 but the major salary increase of 50% ad hoc relief allowance of 2010 was not included in that revised scales.  Although it has benefited all employees but special relief was given to those employees who were going to retire from government service after June 2016. The newly recruited employees had also taken benefit from this . Check out the revised pay scale chart of 2016-17 below.

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Happy Mother's Day 2017 , How mothers day got emerged in the World Calendar a short History?

In more than 86 countries Mothers day is being celebrated on second Sunday of May. There is no fixed date for celebrating Mother's day as other important days are fixed such as father's day and valentines day, Teacher's day . In this year 2nd Sunday came on 14th May 2017 so this day is reserved for celebrations of Mother's Day in majority of  World including USA, India, Pakistan and other European countries. 

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Mothers Day is being celebrated today World Wide in more than 86 countries

Mothers day is going to be celebrated today in more than 86 countries including United States of America. If you are looking for any hidden wealth then i will suggest don't go here and there , if your mother is alive its your wealth . Respect her and obey her . She had never looked her own needs but preferred their child. When we felt hungry, our mother fed us. She pampered us and most important of all is she played the role in building personality and character. Happy Mothers Day from our team especially to all mothers of World and the countries where it is being celebrated .

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CSS 2016 Final Result Announced Today by FPSC , 199 candidates qualified CSS examination.

Today Federal Public Service Commission has announced the CSS 2016 Final Result. According to Press Release total candidates who had passed the written part were 202 , out of which 199 Finally qualified the interview , psychological test and Medical Fitness Test . 1 candidates failed in interview and 1 was absent from psychological and medical tes.t Out of 199 Candidates 114 are male and 85 are female candidates . It is in the history of Pakistan that such a great number of female candidates had qualified the CSS Exam.  Congratulation to all the successful candidates of CSS 2016.

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BPSC will announce the result of Assistant Commissioners and Section Officers soon

Candidates who had appeared in the papers of Assistant Commissioner (AC) and Section Officer (SO) competitive Exam of Baluchistan Public Service Commission , Inshah Allah their result will be going to announce soon by the mid of this month or end of this month. When we contacted Baluchistan Public Service Commission they informed us that the result will be announced before 10th of May 2017 but we have not seen any announcement by the BPSC regarding PCS AC and SO result  on official website .

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